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Which Car Is Best for You?

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For people who don’t care about price tags, buying a car is often based on emotion rather than logic. They would always for performance, aesthetics and quality. But for an average car buyer, however, making this major investment is a rational move. Each person has different needs and specifications. Choosing the best one for you is not any easier but the following guidelines should help:

Know the type of car you need

If you’re looking at the number of models available in the market, you’re in for a long time of searching. Rather than compare models, you’d save time by simply looking at the kind of cars to choose from. Among the most common body styles in the market include:

  • Convertible – This type is often the most expensive but they’d be perfect if you want to make a statement.
  • Sedan – This type is recommended for people with kids. Sedans have four doors and should be spacious enough to fit the entire family.
  • Hatchback – If you want a five-door car, hatchback is your choice. This car offers the space of an SUV without being too heavy.
  • SUV/Crossover – If you want better ground clearance than what hatchbacks offer, SUVs or Crossovers are great choices.
  • Minivan – If you have a large family, a minivan should have ample space to fit everyone.

Know the right size

When buying your car, size matters. You need to know the right size that meets your needs and preferences. But if you have no idea where to start, opt for a small car first. Don’t believe people who say that small cars are less safe than larger cars. That’s a myth. If you’re on a tight budget, smaller cars are also less costly not to mention that it consumes less fuel as well.


Know the power you need

Buying a car with a bigger engine even if you know you’re not going to use half of it anyway is just wrong. If you’re a typical driver who just needs average power while driving then you’re better off sticking within that range. You’re only let the engine go to waste if you go for the most powerful and end up not using it anyway.

Know your driving style

It would also help if you assess your driving style before finalizing your car choice. If you don’t know how to do it, research will come a long way. Seeking advice from a professional or an experienced driver will also do. You should then buy a car that is in sync with your driving style.

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