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How To Jump Start Your Car

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We’ve all been there – you walk out to your car in the morning, and the battery is dead. Maybe it got really cold over night and you hadn’t used your car for a few days, or maybe you left a light on and it drained your battery. Whatever the reason is, you have to get your car back up and running so that you can be on your way. Luckily, jump starting your car is fairly easy, and with the right tools, you should have no problem starting up your battery.

To jump start your car you’ll need a few things. First, you’ll need a set of jumper cables. These are a long pair of wires with clips on the ends that connect from the terminals on your battery to the terminals on another battery. Most will have a black and red clip on each end. You’ll also need another battery. For most people, this will simply mean using someone else’s car. If you don’t have either of these available, there are special kits you can purchase to jump start your car. With these you can either connect the kit to the terminals on your battery, or through the charging slot inside your car (the spot you plug things like car chargers in to). If you don’t have these things, we suggest you purchase them as soon as you can, and store them into your car for when you need them.


For the rest of the article we will discuss how to jump your car with standard jumper cables and someone else’s car. This is because if you use a kit, it will likely come with instructions, and each one is different. To get started, open up both front hoods of the two cars. Make sure they are as close together as you can get them. They will need to be close enough that the jumper wires will reach from one battery to the next. Make sure both cars are off before you proceed. Take one side of the jumper wires (one red and one black clip) and attach them to the terminals on the borrowed car. Red goes to the positive terminal, and black the negative. If there is no negative terminal, you’ll need to attach the black clip to some solid piece of metal inside to ground it. While doing this, make sure the red and black clips of both sides don’t touch. Next, take the other side of the wires and do the same thing on your vehicle. Make sure all 4 connections are on there securely and are touching the metal part of the battery terminal.

Once all of the connections are made, start up the borrowed car. Give it a few minutes after doing this, then start up your car. With luck, your car should start right up. You can now disconnect the cables and shut off the borrowed car. Make sure to leave your car running for at least a half an hour so that the battery can recharge itself.

If you find yourself having to jump start your car frequently, it may be time for a new battery. There are many places that will test your battery out for you to see if you need to get a replacement. If it turns out your battery is fine, then you may have a problem with your alternator not charging your battery.

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