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Guide to Going Out on a Budget

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Some people mistakenly think that the best forms of entertainment are expensive. On the contrary, there are a number of ways to go out and have fun without breaking the bank. 

Eat before you leave the house. One of the major expenses people pay for everyday, and especially when going out is food. If all you’re looking for is entertainment, eat at home, skip the dinner outside, and head to the cinema or to wherever it is you were planning to go to. If eating out is your form of entertainment, skip the desserts or drinks, unless they’re your favorite part. In this case, take a heavy meal at home and grab a slice of your favorite cheesecake just to satisfy your craving.

Plan shopping and groceries ahead. Another great tip to save money when going out is to perform your errands at the same time. If you want to just spend time outside, better include your shopping and grocery plans so that you won’t have to go out too soon again. Preparing a shopping list ahead of time can also help take your mind off from impulse purchases.

There’s nothing wrong with window shopping. For many people, window shopping is a great form of entertainment. Many can survive eating at home and heading to the malls for a few hours to kill time by window shopping. Be careful though, because temptations can come while you are window shopping. To avoid giving in to your urges, be sure to bring only limited money and leave your credit card at home.

Have a picnic at the park. If you’re spending quality time with your family, one of the best places to do this is in the park, not to mention that it’s one of the cheapest ways to go out. Most parks are free to visit, and there’s nothing like a traditional picnic with the family. You won’t even spend half as much as what you’ll pay for in a restaurant and you can eat to your satisfaction. In addition, you won’t have to give tips to the waiter.

Listen to free concert. Many budding artists are showcasing their talents for free. If you want a night out with good music, there are many venues where these artists perform. Instead of paying for hefty ticket prices for popular bands doing concerts on high-end venues, consider listening to lesser known singers and musicians who are giving away good music for free.

If there’s nothing really that important to do, stay at home. If you know that your finances are tight right now, perhaps you should just accept the fact that it is better to rent movies and pop your own popcorn at home. No matter how cheap it may seem that you’re having dinner at home and you’re only paying for movie tickets when you go out, that’s still spending. If things are already tough, spend every cent that you can and find ways to have fun even while staying at home.

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