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First Time Car Drivers Insurance

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For a teenager who just learned how to drive, there is probably nothing more exciting than finally getting your first car. The range of budget-friendly and fuel-efficient options in the market today is eye popping. You have work cut out for you and when you shop right, you should be breezing through the streets with your new wheels in no time at all.

But while passing the driving test and getting behind the wheels for the first time is exciting, it comes with very important responsibilities. You may be licensed now but you still belong among the least experienced drivers on the road. Keeping that in mind, you’d want to buy a first car insurance policy that’s most suitable for your needs.


Choose Your Car Accordingly

When insurance providers calculate your premiums, it is largely dependent on the amount of risk you pose. The type of car you drive is one of the major thinks that determine your level of risks. Some cars, for instance, are labeled safer for first time drivers. Different car models come with different engines. In general, the smaller the engine, the less the risk for the driver and the insurer will be. This means that smaller and cheaper cars usually require cheaper premiums.

When shopping for your first car, make sure to keep these things in mind as your choice will have a direct effect on your monthly premium.

Get Added to an Existing Policy

If your parents bought you your first car, chances are high that they’ve already added you to their existing policy. If your parents can’t do it, ask a guardian or a relative to do it. Either way, you’ll be able to enjoy benefits such as more discounts and low to no down payment when you’re added as a driver to an existing policy. Before you shop the market for an insurance policy, make sure you try this step first.

Getting your first car insurance

If it’s not at all possible to be added as driver to an existing policy, you’ll just to get over it and find a suitable policy yourself. The number of policies to choose from is plentiful and might get very confusing at some point.

To help you whittle your choices to the best available ones for your needs, make sure you keep in the mind the following tips:

  • Shop around – To help you determine which deals are the best, try to obtain quotes from several providers. In fact, there are sites that may offer a list of insurance companies which offer choices you may qualify for so use them.
  • Pay in full – If you can, try to save up for a six month worth of premium payments to avail of a paid in full discount. This may not be always possible but it’s worth aiming for great savings.
  • Shop around again – After paying for your premiums for six months, you might want to shop around again. This time, look for cheaper rates without sacrificing benefits and features that you’ll need as a first time driver.


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