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9 Best New Cars for College Students in 2014

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If you’re the type of parent who feels safer with buying a new car for your upcoming college student, you’d be surprised at the variety of options available in the market. Shopping for the best car in town may just prove as difficult when you shopped for yours. Perfect cars for college students, in general, should be suitable for their needs first and foremost. But more importantly, the car should be safe and budget-friendly. It won’t hurt if the car is also something that they are particularly fond of considering that this might be their first car too.

Small cars are often the most obvious options for college students. But you don’t really have to limit your kid’s choices. To make the search easier, make sure to sit down with your college student and list down his or her needs. Depending on those needs, you can choose from the list we’ve made below. These are all student-friendly cars for 2014 which earned a 4 or 5 crash-test ratings.

Honda Fit

Known for its great fuel economy, Honda Fit seems like the perfect choice for students who want an easy to drive and east to park car. Redesigned and re-engineered, the car may be small in size but is good enough to fit a typical student’s favorite equipment like a surfboard or mountain bikes. It has all the basics plus the latest technology that your kid will fully appreciate.

Toyota Prius C

Prius has been known to be a pragmatic car and Toyota created a smaller model which is ideal for college students. While it is smaller than the standard Prius you’ve been used to, the Prius C is perfectly sized for easy driving and parking. It’s also priced more affordable making it a great buy for young drivers.


Honda Civic

If your college student is looking for something compact, safe and reliable, look no further than a Honda Civic. The small yet packed sedan has been tagged with high safety ratings no to mention that the car has excellent resale value too. Inside that slick car is Honda’s latest technology including the HondaLink feature, an entertainment and information system which makes driving a whole lot more enjoyable.

Ford Mustang

Does your kid want a sports car? If yes and you can afford it then the Ford Mustang is worth looking at. Buying a sports car for a college student may seem impractical but it’s really not when the car does the job well. Ford Mustangs will either have the V-6 or 1-4 engines. Either way, the car boasts of power balanced with efficiency that you and your kid will love.


Whether you’d opt for the sedan or the four-door Mazda3 version, the car is just wonderfully sleek and stylish not to mention dynamic too. Because of its perfect combo of style and efficient, the Mazda3 has become a top option for young buyers who want something a bit sportier and classy. While good looking enough, the best thing about the car is its fuel efficiency which can achieve over 40 mpg on the highway.

Mazda CX-5

Mazda more buzz last year when the Mazda CX-5 was introduced. Equipped with a solid and reliable engine, the car drives like a sedan even if it may look like an SUV. On the highway, the mileage is around 35 mpg, efficient enough for young drivers. Resale value is also good so far which means it is a pretty good investment for first time buyers.

Toyota Tacoma

If your kid is the type who needs to lug equipment, supplies and things back and forth, a subcompact hatchback just wouldn’t do. What your college student needs instead is the Toyota Tacoma, a mid-size pickup that has the power and reliability to cater to your young driver’s needs.

Subaru XV Crosstrek

If your college student needs a capable and reliable car for everyday driving, the XV Crosstrek may be a good choice. It is designed to deliver whether in smooth urban or in the off-the-beaten landscapes. The car is especially wonderful during long journeys thanks to its high ground clearance, good fuel efficiency and all-weather capabilities.

Honda CR-V

For a small crossover that’s classic and practical, Honda CR-V is a good choice to check out. Unlike other recommended options for young buyers, this one’s not flashy at all but it does the job well especially for lugging sport equipment like surfboards, snowboards, bikes and kayaks as well as furniture and basic college stuffs.

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